Secret Dance Moves and the Author

Secret Dance Moves is a continuation of my protracted semi-regular dance column, that was once published online by the Philippine Online Chronicles under the special art and culture section Metakritiko. Many months after our “informal fold-up” I am reposting my previous essays for the benefit of those who are interested in learning more about the landscape of contemporary dance practice in the Philippines. Secret Dance Moves, is an ongoing critical performance project, a project in tenure — of inhabiting the roles of spectator and doer

Donna Miranda is a choreographer-curator living and working in the Philippines. She studied Anthropology and received specialized training in contemporary dance both in Manila and in Europe, participating in several exchange programs, intercultural dialogue and multimedia collaborative projects. In 2008, she founded The Lovegangsters, an open collective of artists, autodidacts, hangers-on and talkers working in varied fields of contemporary art practice, more particularly as multidisciplinary platform that continues to push the intersecting links of visual arts, performance, and critical studies.


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